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The expertise developed by Pierre Vanherck allowed him to develop a technique
that combines materials having different expansion coefficients.
Exclusive and timeless creations composed by association of precious wood and precious metals
as well as, if necessary, a setting of precious stones.
His creations are made from the most nobels wood species.
All jewelry pieces and goldsmith work are made in sterling silver (925/1000) or gold (18 K)
and are approved by the Royal Mint of Belgium.

All our wood species are certified and registered with Cites under the reference:

The rings collection is based on four essential models:


Compose your self ring / weddingring, from one of the models, you choose the wood species or species,
the wood-metal distribution and the metal (s): sterling sylver (925/1000) or white gold , yellow gold , red gold (18k) and
if necessary the setting of precious stones: white diamond, black diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.
You can find many custom creatives in the rings / wedding rings section (below).


Rings, Wedding rings

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The photos do not show the complete collection: the creations being unique, the settings may vary depending on the wood species and the chosen woodcuttings.

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