The Cane, a real work of Art

The excellence of handmade allows him to highlight the uniqueness of the created works. Contemporary, rare and distinguished canes give the word “Elegance” a new and modern meaning.

You can guess a man’s mind by the way he carries his cane.
(Balzac: Extract from ” Traité de la Vie Elégante”)

Handle : assembly of cocobolo and African blackwood,
set with an micro perfored ceramic

Shaft : cocobolo.
Collar and ferrule: Sterling Silver (925/1000).

An exclusivity from Pierre Vanherck' s house ®

Background : one of Emile Hermes’ favorite cane ( founder of the prestigious  Hermes’ house) is a cane from Brigg’ s house, London (mid 19th century)This very romantic cane is provided with a small spray. During a walk, and in the event of a romantic encounter, it was possible to put on some perfume and try to seduce a little more the nice person! A small  chain came out of the pommel enabling the spray to get activated. It is still visible in the Hermes’ museum in Paris

Concept : for almost 2 years, Pierre Vanherck imagined something different, never seen before on a cane. He likes the idea  of the perfume but also the atmosphere that it may generate. The project is to spread a discreet, subtle and elegant perfume. The cane’s pommel is set with an elaborate micro perfored ceramic. The all work around this ceramic is to increase the contact surface with the ambient air while maintaining enough material to contain a maximim of perfume. This ceramic will be satured with perfume. By the simple fact of holding the cane, the ceramic will reach a temperature above 25c , this will allow the perfume to be disseminated and create a perfumed atmosphere

The photos do not show the complete collection: the creations being unique, the settings may vary depending on the wood species and the chosen woodcut.
All jewelry pieces and goldsmith work are made in sterling silver (925/1000) or gold (18 K)
and are approved by the Royal Mint of Belgium.
All our wood species are certified and registered with Cites under the reference:
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