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The manufactory

Pierre Vanherck has always had a passion for wood but with a little maturity comes greater results.
Self-taught, then perfected by France’s finest craftsmen, Pierre Vanherck has devoted himself to the creation of high-end contemporary furniture.
In 2000, his work was recognized by the Walloon Brabant Arts and Craft Agency.

In 2004, attracted to the exciting world of canes and their prestigious accessories Pierre Vanherck took up the challenge of creating his very first cane.
Both an artist and a creator, he started developing techniques of his own that now allow him to create exceptional artworks whose characteristic is mainly to bring luxurious wood together with valuable metals, and occasionally with the setting of precious stones.
In 2006, Pierre Vanherck has his brand registered under the name Pierre Création and had his designs recognized as registered trademarks.
During the same year, he won “La Vitrine de l’artisan” contest.

Between 2007 and 2009, Pierre Vanherck’s canes were exhibited in prestigious places across the world, including Paris, Monaco, Luxembourg, and Tokyo.

2009 came to a close with a very special honour: Pierre Vanherck creates a prestigious cane to be presented to Pope Benedict XVI during the Christmas festivities held in Rome.

In 2010 and 2011, Pierre Vanherck dedicated more time to research and refine his knowledge of the techniques needed to set stones in wood.

2012 was more of a transition year. With growing international demand and opportunities to partner with other brands, Pierre Vanherck was encouraged to develop his new brand name, Pierre Vanherck ®, and proposing ever more exclusive canes.

2013 saw the creation of an exclusive cane design. This type of cane is sold exclusively in Place Vendôme in Paris.

In 2014, the design of such majestic canes continues to evolve where the only limit is imagination.

In 2015, creation of the first olfactory cane.

In 2016, creation of canes with a handle carved by 3D prototyping.
Creation of the “constellation” collection where the setting of diamonds represents the plan of galaxys.

In 2017, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Brussels Courthouse and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Poelaert.
Editions Larcier and Meta-Morphosis are pleased to announce the official delivery of the “stick of justice” created by Pierre Vanherck.
Larcier, the oldest Belgian legal publisher, and Meta-Morphosis, a key player in cultural engineering, wanted to collaborate with Belgian and international artists to celebrate this heritage through a memory preservation project combining tradition and technology. They called upon the most prestigious designer of luxury canes, Pierre Vanherck, to create a work commemorating these anniversaries.


The brand

Pierre Vanherck ® is the symbol of quality and exclusivity in this field.
Each creation is unique, entirely hand-made and signed.
All of the jewellery pieces are approved by the Royal Belgian Mint.
Pierre Vanherck ® is a registered trademark.
All Pierre Vanherck’s achievements are protected by provisions relating to intellectual property. © Copyright


Distinctive materials used: nuts, burr walnut, burr and other natural treasures.

Then, they are worked by contemporary techniques whilst still respecting ancestral methods.

The various parts of the cane are saturated with natural plant oil-based components.

Noble wood species are selected and stabilized during various years.

The finish is hand-made.

Opening hours of the manufactory
Monday to Thursday and Saturday morning by appointment.
– Friday: open doors, from 2pm to 5pm.
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Old cannes restoration

Our expertise allows us to offer you the restoration of old canes and / or collection.

Pierre Vanherck ® is a registered trademark. All Pierre Vanherck’s achievements are protected by provisions relating to intellectual property.
© Copyright