Pierre Vanherck

Creator of luxury walking canes, of unique and timeless accessories

Pierre Vanherck is a Master Craftsman who developed a unique know-how that allow him to combine materials having different expansion coefficients. The result is the creation of unique accessories composed of the finest woods, silver, gold and even precious stones. All creations from Pierre Vanherck manufacture are handmade and custom-made.

The Canes

Over the last year, luxury canes from Maison Pierre Vanherck have acquired an international notoriety. Unique, unusual and precious canes of the 21st century that give a new and modern meaning to the word elegance. The value of a cane is measured by the emotions it brings to the person carrying it.

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the jewels

Jewels from Pierre Vanherck manufacture are composed of the most noble materials. Thanks to his unique know-how, Pierre Vanherck is able to associate the finest wood with silver, gold and even precious wood. The result is an exclusive collection of jewels handmade and custom-made.

Contemporary Art

Mysteries of Creation

Pierre Vanherck invites us to an inner and outer journey and gives us his personal answer to universally existential questions. He asks us others by shaking up codes of physics, chemistry and of art itself.

The manufactory

Our mission is to create unique and timeless accessories. We are convinced that all our clients deserve to wear handmade and custom-made creations.

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