The Da Vinci Collection


The Da Vinci collection pushes the boundaries of design even further.
Each cane is equipped with a Cryptex.
The Cryptex is a neologism used by Dan Brown in his novel The Da Vinci Code to designate a kind of portable safe.
The term comes from the combination of the words cryptology and codex.
Each of the works has its own enigma, and solving it will reveal the code that gives you access to the secret.

Pay with cryptocurrency

For its canes creations, Maison Pierre Vanherck is proud from now on to accept cryptocurrency payments.

How do I pay in cryptocurrency ?

To receive a quote in cryptocurrency, please check the box “Payment in cryptocurrency” in the information request.
You will receive a quote with a link to access the payment platform.
You will then have the choice to pay via a QR code, or via your cryptocurrency wallet by copying the amount and link from our account into it.
We primarily accept the following cryptocurrencies:
-Bitcoin BTC
-Ethereum ETH