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Noble and precious materials assembled in exclusive and personalized artworks.
We offer you the opportunity to wear unique and custom jewelry.
Celebrate your love differently, be bound by timeless wedding rings made from the same piece of precious wood.
The excellence of the handmade, allows to highlight the uniqueness of the created works.

The rings collection is based on four essential models:


    From one of the models, you compose yourself your ring / wedding ring, you determine the wood-metal distribution.
You choose the materials that compose it, wood, metal.
All our wood species are certified and registered with Cites under the reference: BE-COP17-WOOD-010.
All jewelry pieces and goldsmith work are made in sterling silver (925/1000) or gold (18 K) and are approved by the Royal Mint of Belgium.
We also offer the possibility to personalize your creation by setting precious stones: white diamond, black diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.

For the use sterling sylver, the price is unchanged, depending on the model.
Price: A: 480 € / B: 580 € / C: 630 € / D: 680 €.
For gold, the price will be calculated based on the amount of gold needed.
Any request for creation will be subject to a personalized quote.
You can find many custom creatives in the rings / wedding rings section (below).

Rings, Wedding rings

To see all rings and wedding rings we have created, we invite you to visit the different albums on our Facebook  or Instagram pages

The photos do not show the complete collection: the creations being unique, the settings may vary depending on the wood species and the chosen woodcuttings.

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