What is an NFT  :

An NFT or “non-fungible token” is something unique that cannot be falsified.
The uniqueness criterion is an important element of NFTs since they have a certificate that ensures their authenticity.

These certificates are secured by the blockchain.

The certificate of authenticity includes several information, the name of the creator, the date of creation, its history and, in the case of the Maison Pierre Vanherck, it gives a complete description of the artwork. It is this uniqueness that has value.

By purchasing an NFT, a buyer becomes the owner of the digital artwork. Art lovers may still see this as a way of financing or supporting their favourite artists,but it is above all a form of investment. Some people buy NFTs and speculate on how much they will increase in value over the years.

So an NFT is a digital certificate dedicated to a digital artwork (photo, video, GIF, music, etc.), but it can also be the link to the physical artwork.
The registration of the BAP (Biometric Art Passport) in the blockchain makes it possible to create a verifiable, unique, indestructible and inviolable link between the physical artwork and the information registered in the blockchain.
Thanks to this, the DNA of the artwork registered in the blockchain is made unfalsifiable.

Maison Pierre Vanherck:

– All buyers of a work of contemporary art (L’Art sort de son Cadre), will receive a non-fungible token NFT of the artwork
– The NFTs proposed below are GIFs of turned wooden works. These works have inspired Pierre Vanherck in the creation of his prestigious walking sticks.


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