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There are no limits to our creativity when it comes to customising your cane.
We master assembly techniques allowing us to combine different materials.
This allows us to create exclusive luxury walking canes.
We create your cane according to your needs, your desires, your ideas or from a personal object that will become part of the creation.

All our wood species are rigorously selected and registered within CITES*, allowing us to create exceptional luxury walking canes.
For a perfect support and an elegant look they are always adjusted to your size.
By reading our “General conditions canes” you will learn how to measure the ideal size of your future walking stick.
All our canes are unique.
All our creations are designed and made in Belgium.

* Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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Handel: afrormosia from Zambia.
This lumber includes a natural cavity which is set with a mixture of brass powder and resin.

Trumpet: assembly of precious wood lumbers between leather sheets.
from top to bottom :
– Pernambuco from Brazil.
– Padouk from Congo.
– cocobolo from Mexico.
– amaranth from Brazil.
– mopani from Zambia.
– Indian rosewood.
– Gabon ebony.
Shaft: cocobolo from Mexico.
Collar, ferrule : Sterling Silver 925/1000.


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