Pendant - Wood - Sterling Silver

Customizable pendants to suit your mood

Pendant – wood – sterling silver – Klimt, the noble and precious materials assembled in exclusive and personalized artworks.
We offer you the opportunity to wear unique and custom jewelry.
Pendants created by theme or according to your wishes and desires.
Timeless works of art made from precious woods.
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The excellence of the handmade, allows to highlight the uniqueness of the created works.

Pendant - Wood - Silver - Klimt. Unique pendants created with precious wood, 925/1000 sterling silver or 18-carat gold.

Sterling silver (925/1000)
Asian rosewood
Necklaces in sterling silver 925/1000 (42 or 45 cm, or other sizes on request)

Pendant inspired by Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life.
Gustav Klimt’s mural Tree of Life (1905-1909) is undoubtedly one of the artist’s best-known works.
The mosaic was created to embellish the dining room of the Palais Stoclet in Brussels.
Even then, the tree of life was seen as a symbol of freedom and abundant life, as well as wisdom, balance and the cycle of life.

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Pendants – Wood – Silver – Gold. Unique pendants created with 925/1000 sterling silver or 18-carat gold.