Pierre Vanherck

Creator of unique and timeless exceptional objects

frise noir

Pierre Vanherck is surrounded by passionate and rigorous Belgian craftsmen. Masters jewelers, Masters sculptors, Masters engravers, Masters crimpers and leather craftsmen work together with an unequalled know-how and mastery, in order to insure that each item is unique and entirely handmade. Pierre Vanherck‘s creations  are  timeless pieces of exception which are customized to meet specific personal requests. Each piece of work is signed by the creator


The Canes

The expertise developed by Pierre Vanherck since the early 2000s earned him recognition worldwide and an international reputation. Shaping techniques of noble wood species, crimping precious materials take you beyond the limits of creation. Masterpieces is the key word…


the jewels

The expertise developed by Pierre Vanherck allowed him to develop a technique that combines materials having different expansion coefficients. This research allowed to assemble woods and precious metals, and occasionally with the setting of precious stones…


The manufactory

Pierre Vanherck has always had a passion for wood but with a little maturity comes greater results.
Trained by France’s finest craftsmen, Pierre Vanherck has devoted himself to the creation of high-end contemporary furniture…




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